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Wired is a monthly American magazine, published in print and online editions, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. Owned by Condé Nast, it is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has been in publication since March/April 1993. Several spin-offs have been launched, including Wired UK, Wired Italia, Wired Japan, and Wired Germany.

Harley is a very disappointed reader and writes on sitejabber.com her opinion, "Wired.com has many great articles and thought-provoking insights, but when it comes to customer service, all of these great perks totally disappear in ashes. 3 times I contacted their customer service team. The agents keep changing every time, and you have to explain your issue again; none of them just give a damn and want to close your query before it's even resolved. For a company that writes about the latest trends in the world of digital and how important it is to put a customer in the center of the business universe, their own strategy seems to lack that one."


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Mixologist/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"It's a great place to work, Management is pretty cool, gets busy when our bands and that's when you can make money, the otherwise it's very slow. You better like LOUD rap music because that's all that plays there these days. Cons: Hourly pay poor"

Contractor Silicon Mechanics (Former Employee) says

"not a place but an error in software-occuring from incorrect data in resume upload. Silicon Mechanics has a mixed culture staff. either you can gel with some unsavory less than acceptable professional atmosphere, including offensive language, or you must be let go."

Applications Engineer (Current Employee) says

"It's not a bad place to work. No stress caused by due dates but some caused by companys future. Business is steady but owner spends money to aggressively. Too many bad checks. I love it here but I don't think we'll in business much longer. Cons: Poor business practices"

Former Employee - Reporter says

"I worked at Wired magazine full-time for more than a year Cons: Extremely uneven pay and benefits, changes are controlled by those at the top rather than managers you have access to"

Former Employee - Staff Writer says

"I worked at Wired magazine full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Journalism is stressful work. Wired's online division makes this more stressful by pushing writers to publish often. There's no set quota, but there is undeniable pressure to publish every day, if possible. These stories need to be deeply reported and written in voicey, magazine-quality prose. Also, they are chronically understaffed, so it's likely you'll get asked to cover stories that aren't in your beat area. This adds to the stress of daily news coverage because you have to become a subject matter expert in less than a day. In addition to this daily workload, full-time web writers often get asked to write front of book stuff for the magazine as well. This can be very stressful, as the print edit flow is really convoluted, drawn out, and demanding. The print work comes with no additional compensation. They might give you a break from the daily grind to report and write if you get a feature greenlit, but don't count on it. You'll definitely become a better writer at Wired, but you will also likely burn out."

Current Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"I have been working at Wired magazine Cons: WIRED is owned by Conde Nast in NYC so things move slowly because of the shared resources. They did a recent reorg within product so people are structured to be vertical-specific rather than brand-specific employees. However, other teams like Marketing covers specific brands and I think this causes misalignment in how things are done."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Wired magazine full-time for more than 3 years Cons: unresponsive and unhelpful HR, very disorganized management, low paying."

Former Employee - Staff Writer says

"I worked at Wired magazine full-time for more than a year Cons: A revolving door of top talent. Can't keep anybody good for very long so the people who remain are those who have claws in office culture but are toxic to the work environment."

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"I worked at Wired magazine Cons: Clear priority over print magazine and writers, trickles down from conde nast culture. Ancient technology stack from legacy systems. Weird company culture under new EiC."

Rich James says

"Just read “19 best Amazon Prime Movies “ on this Marxist rag.. Amazing...they can’t even keep their Commie, Mentally ret@rded bias in their pants even when looking at films! Bunch of illiterate losers!"

no says

"I would give it -10 if i could, I got a trial subscription to try it. It used to be a tech magazine now all it does is politics which I am not interested in. so I go to cancel and the website to cancel is always down, it has now been down for months and they ar charging my account money for a subscription that I do not want. So I call the international subscription managers line, AND THEY DON'T GODDAMN ANSWER. What a conde NASTY company. I would not tell my worst enemy to get it."

A concerned citizen says

"Beware your money if you make a subscription. They will lure you with a good price and after the end the price will be several times. Is not just that, if you could get out: they will charge your credit card even AFTER you told them you do not want to renew. I had to block my card and it did cost me money to order another one and to handle all the other payments I was making with the old card, because I had to shut down the one Wired were charging. Disgusting how this is even legal after I explicitly ask them to not renew my subscription."

Reflekta says

"Wired wants you dead. «Fear, finger-pointing, and militaristic action against the virus are unproductive. We may be better off adjusting to a new normal of periodic outbreaks.» No thanks."

tim b says

"fck syht log in"

Søren says

"Like the other reviewer here, Wired.com asked me to buy a subscription to read more articles, which I did. Payment took 2 minutes, but now 3 days later I still have no access. Only thing i got was a paypal receipt and an email saying that my subscription details would be supplied to me shortly (which has not happened). I called their support phone who said that they have not registered my payment and that they cannot find my subscription in their system. She would not refund me either. None of my emails have been answered by Wired, nor have they replied to paypal regarding the dispute i have opened. Wired.com. A news outlet about technology. Who cannot get something as simple as a digital purchase working for them in 2019. 30 years after the invention of the web. Unbelievable. It is their problem that their store does not work, if they do not want customers the so be it. But please improve your support and customer service. Stop sitting on your hands and at least try to help your customers instead of just replying to problems with silence and reject."

Emma Bovary says

"Crooked people . They charged my credit card for a digital subsciption and since then no update . No answer to mail . I had to call from France and hold online for a long time and then the lady just hanged the phone on me when i did not accept that she had no solution . Never seen such a lack of respect for customers . Avoid it by any means"

Enrique Jones says

"I am a long time reader but over the past year or so it seems as if - and this might just be me - their reviews carry a slightly more favorable than deserved slant when it comes to a product owned by a company which actively advertises with them."

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